Crystal Pierotti has been with the Company for two years, previously working in the industry for Land America. Crystal serves as an Administrative Assistant, assisting Chris Newman and Melodie Rochelle in multi-site closings. She supports the underwriters in getting the Commitments, underlying documents, policies and recorded documents uploaded to Smartview and distributed to their customers. She also processes the Commitments and digitizes the signed loan documents.

You are never too old to learn something new.

Every October, Crystal assists in organizing the Fall Brazzar event, in memory of a dear friend that passed away with triple negative breast cancer. She is honored to be part of the movement to educate and bring awareness and support to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

Crystal’s children compete in competitive cheering and she does a great deal of traveling to other states to compete against other cheerleaders at national and world levels. Her children keep her very busy. She enjoys spending time with my family and friends.

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